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-Post Audio Services

Our Post-Production Audio Department has been committed to dubbing and mixing foreign languages since 1995.  Carlos Solis, as VP of Sound Services, has been mixing the sound for feature films, television series, and top recording music artist for more than 18 years from studios such as Warner Brothers, Sony, HBO, Disney and many more, providing to our department a vast experience and the best quality in audio post. Soltieri Productions partners with studios in Mexico City and other countries that provide authentic dubbing talent to insure that we offer the highest quality of services available.

-Production Services

Soltieri’s Production Department was first founded in 2008 when co-produced their first film 2084, in association with Kelly Blumetti Entertainment. With one project sold under their belt, President, Luis Solis, decided to go ahead full force and establishing their Development Department in 2009, bringing Meli Paige as V.P. of Development, to expand and to ensure the vision of Soltieri Productions, so we can take the independent film making into theatrical theaters.

Soltieri Productions is committed to transcending the boundaries of race and language by developing films that look beyond racial stereotypes and realize that there is only one language…the human language.

We will keep striving for innovative ways of creating new types of cinema, like our next production, “The Box”, in association with 5.6 Cine, a new Hybrid film that aims to banish all language barriers by combining different languages into one film, making Soltieri the American leader in this new kind of breed of film making.

-About us:

Soltieri Productions is a Los Angeles based company that offers audio post services and production services, through Independent Film Making that bridges the gap between Hollywood and Latin Cinema.  Founded in 1995 by brothers Carlos and Luis Solis, Soltieri Productions was first established as a post-production audio company, which specialized in dubbing for foreign languages that services film, television, and also music artists.  In 2009 they opened their production department, which released their first film, 2084, in domestic and international markets. With a solid foundation in foreign language markets, Soltieri Productions is committed to maximizing the relationship between the United States, Mexico, Central, and South America by joining forces to create films that are racially diversified in hopes of transcending into an era free of racial boundaries. Soltieri Productions is dedicated to making this vision a reality while striving to inspire.

Inspiration comes to us through the people we meet, the stories we hear, the places we encounter. That is why Soltieri Productions believes firmly in giving back.  Our first film was raised to benefit American soldiers that are serving and protecting us over seas. We are also a proud sponsor of One Children’s Foundation which provides toys, clothes, and shelters to under privileged kids in Mexico, Central, and South America.  We aim to inspire the youth of today to protect and dream for a better tomorrow.